Growth Accelerator Day 3: Sales, Marketing & Growth hacking

How to develop a brand strategy for your scaleup business 

When we see brand names like, IKEA and Google, a lot of associations, experiences and emotions come to our mind immediately. Those brands have one thing in common. They have developed a strong brand strategy to set their business apart from others and build an instant link between the products and/or service and their values. Although large corporates are able to invest more budget in branding it is for many start-ups and scaleups important to work on a brand strategy that grows with the business: think big but start small. But where to start?  

Benefitting from expert knowledge and sharing experience can pave the way to success. Econnections provides scaleups tailored expertise and advice on growth challenges. Sales, Marketing & Growth hacking was the theme of the third Growth Accelerator Day, which was held at the campus in Utrecht. Rogier van Drooge and Kathinka de Veer of gave an inspirational keynote about logistics, sales & marketing and inspired the audience with a story on how to build a brand while scaling up the business online. In addition, they talked about doing successful sales in person. The scaleups learned about different attitudes, skills and preparations that are required in different steps of the business to business sales process. 

5 tips to build the brand of your scaleup even if you’re not an international business (yet)  

  1. Start with the why: Develop a great story around your product or service and share why customers should buy from you.
  2. Use customer insights to develop your brand strategy: Know what your customers really want and need. And think about why they want to buy this from you in particular.
  3.  Building a brand house: A Brand House is an easy tool to define, organize and understand the complex beliefs, messages and market position of your brand.
  4.  Implementation: Based your brand house you can start to develop a message house, a content strategy and a media plan. And don’t forget to set clear goals and measure your results. 
  5.  Hire a professional: Although it seems simple, you need the right skills and experience to build a brand. An agency or freelancer can help you to develop your brand strategy and help you with part of the execution. Also in this case apply the rule, think big but start small. 

Sales, Marketing & Growth hacking was the theme of the third Growth Accelerator Day, which took place at headquarters in Utrecht. 

Present:, Chargetrip, Deloitte, Drop&Loop, Google Cloud, Greenplan, Manyfolds, Mollie, Optiply, PlasticFri, PostNL, and Returnless. 

Econnections is an innovation initiative from, Deloitte, Google Cloud, IKEA, Mollie, and PostNL to accelerate sustainability in e-commerce. The program aims to reduce the growing ecological footprint of the e-commerce sector. Its mission is to realize 500 million (more) sustainable online purchases by 2026. Seven scaleups are participating in Econnections 2022; Chargetrip, Drop & Loop, Greenplan, Manyfolds GmbH, Optiply, PlasticFri® and Returnless.

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